Moses took the leadership of Israel and started from Egypt. The destination was Canaan the promise land. The overall purpose of leading Israel out of Egypt was to organize Israelite as a Nation in terms of systematic worship and disciplined defense system.
I. The Giving of the Law.

A. It was given to preserve and identify Israel as a separate and peculiar people unto God.
B. The Law made them different from all the other people in the world.
C. Note the covenant:

1. When God made His covenant with Abraham He said, “I will…”.
2. Now God says, “If ye will…”.
3. In this dispensation a greater responsibility is placed upon the people.
4. The people accepted God’s terms and entered into this covenant willingly both before and after they knew what was required.

2. The Mosaic Law.

  1. Moral laws.
    1. These were the ten commandments.
    2. The will of a righteous God in reference to right and wrong.
  2. Ceremonial Law.
    1. This had to do with sacrifices, worship, and religious duties particular to Israel.
    2. The Tabernacle was constructed, and an order of priesthood was instituted.
    3. Exodus 25-31 and Leviticus 1-10
  3. Judicial or Civil Law
    1. This law regulated the administration of justice.
    2. The rights of property, and punishment of those who broke the law.
    3. Much the same as our criminal and civil law today.

3. Purpose of the Law.

  1. To prepare the way for Calvary’s cross.
  2. The Ark of the Covenant contained the unbroken tables of stone, a golden pot of manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded. cf. Hebrews 9:4
  3. The manna pointed to the fact that Jesus Christ was the sustainer of life.
  4. Aaron’s rod reminds us that Jesus Christ is our High Priest.
  5. The unbroken tables of stone reminds us of Christ’s holiness and perfection.
  6. It was our schoolmaster. Gal. 3:21-24
  7. The Law was given to show man that he needed a Savior. Ro. 3:19-20
  8. No man could keep the Law! James 2:10
  9. It was God’s standard and we fall short in our own ability and power. Ro. 3:23
  10. Christ is the end of the Law. Ro. 10:4
  11. There is no need of the sch

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