Dispensation of Human Government

The Judgement of God had come to an end through the flood. Noah and his family did go through the judgement but on the safer side of it where the grace of God covered them. This reminds that even though the judgement of God goes on the ungodly, the righteous may have to go through the effects of the judgement but they will have a hiding place.

The new earth with all its promises and hope greets a family full of faith and hope when they stepped out of the ark. They see the entire system changed. The ecology was changed, seasons started off, Food habits changed and human government is established. The earth is called postdiluvial earth. The family of Noah filled the entire postdiluvial earth.

Sometimes it may feel to you whether these things really happen but we have got archaeological evidence for this great judgement of God. The antediluvian earth was rich with its sustaining properties which resulted in long life even up to one thousand years. But after the flood due to cataclysmic and the climatic changes the span of life was reduced to 150 years and later to 70 years. But we know this is going to change again. In Eternity there is no limit for the life there will be no more death. We will live with our Lord for ever and ever. No more sorrow, No more tribulations and No more cry.

Mankind as always were creatures of changes. Decedents of Noah forgot what Lord had done to their forefathers and they became idolaters. We see Abraham’s father was an idol worshiper that is why God asked him to leave his country and the father’s house, this is the age where God confused their language and scattered them to the ends of the earth.

Can we look ourselves , Are we people who choose to stay focused for hardly one week and behaves the opposite the other week. Are we the people of double mind? You cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot keep both your legs on two different boats. You are certain that you will sink. Though you are on the boat all alone on a tossed sea it is better to be on one boat. I am a firm believer that he, the one who called you, will never make you sink but will calm the sea and the storm and will make sure that you are safe across the other shore.

Mv: Luke 16:13   “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”


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