Ages and Dispensation

We plan our life of how it should be today and how it should be tomorrow or how shall we proceed if plan A fails. In the same way the creator has a plan of how should the universe work and how it should be controlled.  This lesson and the following that will be discussed is all about the time span between the creation of man and his final redemption, it is called AGE and DISPENSATION is a period of time which God deals with mankind in terms of specific revelation of His will.

Ages and Dispensation Classification

AGE 1:  The Ancient World: [Pre-Adamic earth to Flood of Noah’s                        time]

  • Dispensation of Innocence:[Creation of Adam to expulsion from                                                                 the garden]
  • Dispensation of Conscience: [Expulsion from garden to Flood of                                                                     Noah’s time]

AGE 2:  The Present World: [After the Flood of Noah’s time to                                                                          Rapture]

  • Dispensation of Human Government: [ From the flood to the call                                                                                        of Abraham]
  • Dispensation of Promise:  [From the call of Abraham to the giving                                                            of the Law]
  • Dispensation of Law: [From the law of Moses to the Crucifixion of                                                 Jesus]
  • Dispensation of Grace: [From the Calvary to Rapture of the                                                                    church]

AGE 3: Future world: [Rapture to Eternity]

  • Future Dispensation: [Rapture to Eternity]



This period is described as the period when Adam and Eve was in paradise. They were in the state of innocence.  Being Innocent is not Righteousness. Righteousness comes into existence when we are being made right from wrong.  Innocence cannot be righteousness unless tested. Adam and Eve were tested in the state of their innocence but they took the path of doing wrong and being away from right. Adam and Eve were in the state of “ ABLE NOT TO SIN” , God wanted the to reach the state of “NOT ABLE TO SIN”.

New Birth is the only solution for the man kind to overcome the sin that he and she did in the Garden of Eden.

Lessons learned:  Is our life planned? God has a plan.  Yes we can only do if HE wills, but we should be wise to plan for tomorrow.  As we see in scripture see the ants they take care of today and tomorrow.  What is Gods wish in your life? Are you abiding in him so that he can abide in you.  Are you trying to be branches all alone or branches stuck to the vine? If you have a plan to be branches all alone the day is near when you will have not breath in you.  This is what the GOD’s plan is for you.  MV 2 Pt 3:5-7



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